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Adobe InDesign Advanced Training Course

Adobe InDesign Advanced

2 Day Training Course

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Times and Dates

2 Days    

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Computer Course Inclusions

This course is ideal for

This course is ideal for people who would like to increase their knowledge of using Adobe InDesign including advanced style techniques and working with long documents.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended the InDesign Introduction course or have equivalent working knowledge.

What you will learn

  • Use Adobe InDesign advanced style techniques to automate formatting
  • Create a merged document
  • Place graphics into tables and place Excel spreadsheets into documents
  • Control the flow of text within an InDesign document using typography controls
  • Use long document features such as Table of Contents and Indexing to create books
  • Select print preferences and settings

Topics covered in this training course

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Using and Creating Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Creating Defaults to Personalise InDesign
    • Creating Personalised Workspaces
  • Master Page Setup
    • Basing Masters on Existing Master Pages
    • Advanced Page Usage
  • Advanced Styles
    • Local Overrides in Styles
    • Basing One Style on Another
    • Nested Styles
    • Bullets and Numbering
    • Next Style Options
    • Import Styles from a Word document
    • Updating Styles
    • Handle Text Layout
  • Data Merge
    • Creating a Single Page Merged Document
    • Creating Labels
  • Tables
    • Placing an Excel Spreadsheet
    • Setting up Cell Formatting
  • Repeating Graphic Transformations
    • Transform Again
    • Transform Sequence Again
  • Managing Long Documents
    • Creating a Book
    • Adding a Variable to a Master Page
    • InLine Graphics and Anchored Objects
    • Creating an Object Style
    • Creating a Text Box Style
    • Layout Adjustment
    • Updating Styles using the Book Panel
    • Footnotes
    • Creating a Hyperlink
    • Creating a Home Button
    • Table of Contents
    • Basic Indexing
    • Creating a PDF with Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Controlling Text Flow
    • Using a Baseline Grid
  • Image Placement
    • Using a Library
    • Using Bridge to Place Graphics
  • Print Settings
    • Colour Separations
    • Flattener Preview
    • Create Print Presets
    • Create PDF Presets
  • Layers
    • Working with Layered Files

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