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Time Management Training Course

Available via public schedule at our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney CBD training venues and on-site across Australia.

Time Management

1 Day Training Course

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Venue – Sydney

Karstens Training Centre
Level 1, 111 Harrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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Times and Dates

20 Dec 2018
1 Day     9:00 am – 4:30 pm
(Lunch and refreshments provided)

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Course overview

When life gets busy, it is common to feel overwhelmed or spiral into procrastination. Maybe you have a great plan, but distractions and other priorities are stealing your time. You can spend heaps of time doing things right, but if you are not doing the right things at the right times, it is simply a waste. This course will help you prioritise effectively and achieve peak performance through practical time management tools that are easy to apply.

This course is ideal for

This course has been designed for anyone who wants to increase personal productivity and minimise stress caused through a reactive or responsive mode of working.

Course prerequisites

There are no suggested prerequisites for this time management course

What you will learn

  • Identify opportunities to develop your time management skills.
  • Understand how urgency and importance drive your daily tasks.
  • Develop strategies to do the right thing, on the right task, at the right time.
  • Recognise time stealers and wasters, and implement strategies to reduce or stop their impact.
  • Manage your work environment to prevent and reduce time wastage.
  • Take back control of your inbox through effective email management.
  • Learning the art of saying ‘no’ in a way that’s honest and respectful.

Topics covered in this training course

Assess your effectiveness in time management
Looking at the five areas of goal setting, prioritisation, managing interruptions, procrastination and scheduling.

Identifying and setting priorities
The urgent vs important tool is essential when facing a demanding workload.

Creating an effective to-do list
Having an effective to-do list can give you focus and ensure you are spending the right amount of time on the right tasks.

Identifying time stealers and wasters
Implement strategies to reduce or stop the impact of time stealers and wasters.

Knowing when and to whom you should escalate a time sensitive situation.
Managing your work environment
Understand how your work environment may contribute to time wastage and what to do about it.

Email management
Tame the electronic tyrant and learn how to prevent email taking a controlling presence over your work.

The art of saying ‘no’
Learn the power of a positive ‘no’ and deliver this in a way that’s honest and respectful.

Learn how to stop low priority tasks getting in the way of high priority tasks.

For managers, we recommend the one day Time Management for Managers course available at Leadership Directions.

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