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Writing Effective Emails Training Course

Available for private groups onsite across Australia or at our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney CBD training venues.

Writing Effective Emails

4 Hour Training Course

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4 Hours    

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Course overview

Email communication is at the forefront of effective business relationships. Anything you write in an email can be retained for future reference, forwarded to others, or used as a record of communication. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to use email appropriately as a communication tool at work.

This course is ideal for

Anyone who wants to improve their professionalism and effectiveness when writing business emails.

What you will learn

  • Improve your ability to communicate via email and ensure your message is understood.
  • Write with your audience’s expectations in mind.
  • Use words and phrases that will improve the comprehension of your message and ensure professionalism.
  • Apply techniques to turn negative language into positive language and remove emotion from your writing.
  • Adopt techniques to proof your document for spelling, punctuation and appropriate tone.

Topics covered in this training course

Why email?
Determine when and why to choose email as your method of communication.

Schedule email handling time
Techniques to ensure email use does not drain your time and energy.

What does an effective business email look like?
How to structure your emails and deliver your message.

Who are you writing to?
Consider your audience and the outcome you hope to achieve.

Quick and clear message format
Learn a simple framework to help you structure your content clearly and concisely.
Words and language for business emails
The way you write gives the reader an indication of your professionalism and attitude.

Developing the message
Your email needs to engage the reader’s interest quickly. It must be concise, but still contain enough content so that it is not ambiguous or misleading.

Be aware of tone
Understand how certain factors can cause an unhelpful or offensive tone in written communication.

Punctuation essentials
Review the basics and avoid common errors.

Spelling and proofreading
Avoid errors that could cause people to form a bad impression of your organisation.

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