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Microsoft Project Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Project Advanced

1 Day Training Course

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Times and Dates

1 Day    

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Computer Course Inclusions

This course is ideal for

This course has been developed for people wanting to utilise the advanced features of Microsoft Project 2013 to manage complex projects.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended or have a good working knowledge of the topics covered in the Microsoft Project 2013 Intermediate course.

What you will learn

  • Create calculated fields containing formulas or functions in Microsoft Project 2013
  • Create, use and customise templates
  • Export Microsoft Project 2013 data to other applications and Import data into Microsoft Project 2013 including linking to SharePoint
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Create a shared resource pool, combine and link multiple projects & downsize a larger project
  • Record macros and edit macros using VBA

Topics covered in this training course

  • Custom Field Functions
    • Formulas
    • Graphical Indicator Fields
  • Modifying Templates
    • Create a Template from an Existing Project
    • Using a New Template
    • Editing an Existing Template
    • Using Organiser to Edit Templates
  • Integration with Other Applications
    • Copy and Paste
    • Linking
    • Embedding
    • Exporting to Excel
    • Export Map Wizard
    • Importing Excel data into Project
    • Copy Picture of Gantt Chart
    • Integration with SharePoint
    • Exporting Report Data
  • Earned Value Analysis
    • Understanding Earned Value
    • Interpreting Earned Value
    • Viewing Earned Value Data
  • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Viewing WBS
    • Edit the WBS
  • Multiple Files
    • Opening Multiple Files
    • Create and use a Workspace
    • Hiding Project Files
    • Unhide Project Files
    • Comparing Projects
  • Project Linking
    • Master and Sub-projects
    • Remove a sub project
    • Breaking Task Links between Projects
    • Inserting Links
    • Combining Projects
  • Shared Resource Pool
    • Create a Resource Pool
    • Sharing a Resource Pool
    • Assigning Resources from a Resource Pool
    • Levelling Shared Resources
    • Checking Pool Links
    • Managing Shared Resource Files
  • Downsizing a Large Project
    • VBA and Macros
      • Macro Security
      • Record a Macro
      • Play a Macro
      • Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
      • Assign a Macro to the Ribbon
      • Fixing Mistakes
    • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
      • The Visual Basic Editor
      • Editing a VBA Sub-Routine

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