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Microsoft Word Advanced Training Course

Microsoft Word Advanced

2 Day Training Course

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Venue – Melbourne

Odyssey Training
Level 7, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Times and Dates

1 Apr - 2 Apr 2019
2 Days     9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Computer Course Inclusions

This course is ideal for

This course has been developed for people who want to use the complex features of Word to work with long documents, create forms and use automation to limit repetitive tasks.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended the Microsoft Word Intermediate course or have a working knowledge of the topics covered.

What you will learn

  • Use techniques to lay out longer documents, including cross referencing
  • Create, modify and use templates
  • Use sections to format complex documents and apply complex headers and footers
  • Use Mail Merge to create form letter mailouts
  • Create electronic forms
  • Automate documents and templates using macros

Topics covered in this training course

  • Working with fields
    • Insert document information fields
    • View field codes
    • Unlink fields
    • Lock fields
    • Update fields when printing
  • Longer document features
    • Create and manage bookmarks
    • Cross referencing bookmarks
    • Create, navigate and update a table of contents
    • Update page numbering
  • Managing sections
    • Next page section breaks
    • Continuous section breaks
    • Control odd and even section breaks
    • Delete section breaks
  • Advanced headers and footers
    • Format headers and footers
    • First page headers and footers
    • Odd and even headers and footers
    • Headers, footers and section breaks
    • Page numbering and section breaks
  • Advanced styles
    • Advanced paragraph formatting
    • Create and manage list styles
    • Navigate with styles
  • Templates
    • Create, use and modify a new template
    • Understand template file locations
    • The developer tab on the ribbon
    • Organiser tool
  • Importing and linking
    • Copy and paste linking
    • Paste and link a worksheet
    • Insert a document
    • Import a chart
  • Electronic forms
    • Add content controls
    • Add legacy controls
    • Set control properties
    • Add formula fields
    • Create drop lists
    • Create check boxes
    • Protect an electronic form
    • Form protection and section breaks
  • Record and write macros
    • Macro enabled file formats
    • Macro security levels
    • Set trusted locations
    • Prepare to record macros
    • Record and run a simple macro
    • Assign a keyboard shortcut
    • Assign a macro to the toolbar
    • Edit and delete a macro
  • Inserting SmartArt
    • Add a SmartArt diagram
    • Enter text
    • Add and change shapes
    • Format SmartArt
  • Mail merge
    • Mail merge wizard
    • Link to a table or spreadsheet
    • Merge to labels
    • Email merge
    • Fillin fields

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