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Microsoft Word Introduction Training Course

Microsoft Word Introduction

1 Day Training Course

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Venue – Brisbane

Odyssey Training
Level 1, 60 Edward St
Brisbane QLD 4000
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Times and Dates

10 Apr 2019
1 Day     9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Computer Course Inclusions

This course is ideal for

This course has been developed for people wanting to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Word to create professional correspondence and documents.

Course prerequisites

Participants will need to be familiar with Microsoft Windows and basic Windows techniques such as opening, closing and saving files.


What you will learn

  • Create, edit and save Word documents
  • Spell check, print preview and print a document
  • Use a range of automatic features
  • Format text, paragraphs, page layout and borders and shading
  • Create tables in a document
  • Insert pictures, symbols and hyperlinks into a document

Topics covered in this training course

  • Overview
    • Navigation shortcuts
    • Selection shortcuts
    • Work with multiple documents
    • Spell check and grammar
    • Document printing
  • Formatting
    • Text and character formatting
    • Case convert
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Line spacing
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Bullets and numbering
    • Paragraph borders and shading
    • Using a built in style
    • Format painter
  • Copy and paste
    • Drag and drop move
    • Clipboard collect and paste
    • Copy and paste between documents
  • Document formatting
    • Page margins
    • Page size and orientation
    • Page breaks
    • Page borders
  • Automatic features
    • AutoCorrect
    • Create and use AutoText
    • AutoFormat as you type
  • Tables
    • Insert table
    • Add and delete rows and columns
    • Adjust row and column width and height
    • Merge and split cells
    • Text direction and alignment
    • Borders and shading
    • Deleting a table
    • Table positioning
  • Adding symbols and hyperlinks
    • Insert symbols
    • Insert hyperlinks
    • Editing hyperlinks
  • Document views
    • Print layout view
    • Draft view
    • Reading layout view
  • Find and replace
    • Find options
    • Finding all occurrences
    • Replacing text
    • Find and replace non printing characters
  • Pictures
    • Insert an image
    • Resize an image
    • Wrap text around an image
    • Move an image

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