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Coping with Change – Making the Transition

Change occurs when one thing ends and something new or different begins. It usually means moving away from the familiar and towards the unknown. The time between these two points is called the transition, and it is normal to find this time stressful. Throughout the transition, people have to let go of the old and take on the new – therefore, change always involves some type of loss. This course will prepare you to understand and cope with the impacts change can have on you.

4 hour course
4.54  (422 reviews)
What you will learn:
  • Understand how change can impact you
  • Define what you have control over when change happens
  • Develop healthy coping strategies
  • Use the four ‘A’s to deal with stressful situations
What you'll get:
Capped class sizes
This course is ideal for

Team members going through change at work.

Topics covered in this training course

Understanding what change really is, and that you are not weak or old-fashioned if you experience loss caused by change

Change is difficult because it’s perceived as a threat on a cellar level

Recognise the underpinning phases of transition and the state changes puts people into

Why they are so valuable and how to make the change easier

Techniques to assist change recipients through the different phases

Exploring the Kotter’s Change Model in order to help people move forward

Examine various case studies to identify the problems, their sources and how to deal with resistance

Applying the Change Model to manage the change process successfully

When faced with changes you cannot control, move away from feeling powerless and angry by looking at the opportunities you can control over and working towards them

Managing stress is the same as increasing your resilience; you need to take charge

Avoid, alter, adapt or accept – the choice is yours

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from 422 reviews
“Great structure, just the right detail. Overall happy. Thank you Annie!”
Annika, May 2019
“Very knowledgeable instructor. Very enthusiastic and engaging.”
Oliver, May 2019
“Annie was lovely and very knowledgeable. ”
Kelly, May 2019
“The trainer Katherine was excellent and was able to teach additional knowledge based on questions of the class that was not covered in the structure.”
Joey, May 2019