Inner Management

Join our 1 Day Inner Management Course. People with emotional intelligence have a head start in their lives and careers. This course will enhance your business and personal relationships, and help you fine-tune your emotional intelligence, inner management and influencing skills.

1 day course
What you will learn:
  • Unlock the power of emotional intelligence to motivate your team.
  • Tune into your self-awareness and see yourself as others do.
  • Become a change catalyst and help others embrace the transition.
  • Influence and build rapport with a wider network of people.
What you'll get:
Personal Development Plan
Courseware and Handouts
Live Recorded Session copy
Capped class sizes

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is your ability to control your emotions and then your behaviour by recognising, identifying and then managing them. Once you can recognise and manage your own you will be able to start to recognise others in your team as well. To become a better leader you need to improve your emotional intelligence over time to becoming more self-aware, manage your emotions more effectively, be more socially aware and show empathy to others. This course will enhance your business and personal relationships, and help you fine-tune your emotional intelligence and influencing skills.

This course is ideal for:

For team members and managers who wish to improve their personal and professional lives by fine-tuning your emotional intelligence skills.

Course Prerequisites

A working computer with a microphone and speaker installed.  No software needs to be installed before training session however, we require an up-to-date web browser. For the best experience we recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser.


Looking for In-House Training?

Discover our 2 day Emotional Intelligence in-house training course aimed at managers and leaders. Can’t find what you are looking for?  Enquire for training today!


Topics covered in this training course:

Defining EI and how it is a dynamic process of learning skills to understand yourself and others.

Examine three main causes of career failures.

Examine core skills of self-awareness, empathy and nurturing relationships.

Paying attention to what you see and hear and not what you think you see and hear.

Delve into the importance of self-awareness and how this improves your leadership ability.

Paying attention to your emotions and understanding what they mean.

Five steps to managing your emotions.

Identifying the emotions and reactions of those around you.

How to develop and show an understanding of others’ feelings.

Responding during a period of organisational change.

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Need your training approved? Get a quote