Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365 Advanced

Become a power user by streamlining content across your site and creating custom forms and workflows.

This course has been developed for SharePoint Site Owners using Office 365 who wish to further enhance and extend the functionality of their site. Secure your spot in our course in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne by booking online today.

1 Day course
What you will learn:
  • Add advanced features to lists and libraries such as conditional formatting, data validation and ratings
  • Used managed metadata to simplify the organisation of information across lists and libraries
  • Create and use content types to create standardised lists and libraries
  • Manage documents using document sets
  • Manage items and documents by declaring records and setting retention policies
What you'll get:
Capped class sizes
Post Course Support
Course prerequisites

Participants need to familiar with the topics covered in the SharePoint Office 365 Introduction Course including creating and managing sites, pages, lists and libraries.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Participants are not required to bring their own laptops as our dedicated computer training labs are equipped with the programs and files you will need access to on your training day.

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Topics covered in this training course
  • Creating a hub site
  • Associating your site with a hub site
  • create a list from a spreadsheet
  • conditional formatting a date column
  • conditional formatting a choice column
  • conditional formatting a number column
  • validation on a single column
  • validation across multiple columns
  • using ratings
  • requesting sign-off on a document
  • sending reminder emails
  • restoring a document library
  • creating a term set
  • using managed metadata
  • modifying a term set
  • viewing the content type associated with a list
  • creating content types and site columns
  • using a content type
  • modifying content types and site columns
  • creating a document set content type
  • using document sets
  • declaring a record
  • setting retention for a content type
  • setting retention for a list or library
  • using labels
  • closing a site
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Need your training approved? Get a quote

Need your training approved? Get a quote