Presentation Skills

The ability to give an interesting, informative and persuasive presentation is a skill critical for many of us needing to make others think and be inspired to take action. Whether you’re presenting in a formal, informal or virtual situation, this course will not only help you plan and present with confidence, but also provide you with the insight to evaluate your effectiveness to continually improve the delivery of your message. Secure your spot in our Presentation Skills Training.

1 day course
What you will learn:
  • Prepare for your presentation by understanding your purpose and objectives
  • Use three easy steps to structure your presentation
  • Distinguish and understand the different audience styles you may encounter
  • Create effective speaker notes and visual aids
  • Understand how you can use your voice and body to enhance your presentation
  • Think quicker on your feet during question time
What you'll get:
Courseware and Handouts
Live Recorded Session copy
Capped Class Sizes
Post Course Support
This course is ideal for:

Suitable for team members and leaders looking to develop their creative thinking skills to develop new ideas and resolve problems.


Course Prerequisites

A working computer with a microphone and speaker installed.  No software needs to be installed before training session however, we require an up-to-date web browser. For the best experience we recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser.


Looking for In-House training?

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Topics covered in this training course

Five elements to consider to make you a great presenter

Being clear on the purpose and the specific objectives of your presentation

The three phases of a well organised presentation

The more you know about your audience and their needs, the better you can meet them

Understand how to effectively use speaking notes and visual aides

Tips to maximise the effectiveness of your presentations

A bright, outgoing approach will boost your confidence and positively impact your audience

Understanding the relationship between facial expressions, walking patterns, gestures and eye contact when presenting

Encouraging audience participation

If you ignore feedback, improvement will never happen

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Need your training approved? Get a quote

Need your training approved? Get a quote