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Sales Essentials Training Course

Available via public schedule at our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney CBD training venues and on-site across Australia.

Sales Essentials

1 Day Training Course

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Venue – Melbourne

Odyssey Training
Level 7, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Times and Dates

7 Jun 2018
1 Day     9:00 am – 4:30 pm
(Lunch and refreshments provided)

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Course overview

When you hear the word 'salesperson', do you think of someone who is understanding, empathetic and listens to your needs? Maybe not, but that is how the best salespeople can make people feel. This course will help you or your sales team members increase conversion rates and retain customers using a modern approach that involves understanding buyer psychology and developing trusting relationships.

This course is ideal for

New salespeople and those looking to update their selling skills to increase conversion rates or drive more repeat and referral business.

What you will learn

  • Learn the key principles and approaches to sales in the Australian market today.
  • Understand the modern sales attitude and what makes excellent sales professional.
  • Influence sales through an understanding of buyer psychology.
  • Increase conversion rates using behavioural psychology strategies.
  • Increase return business and ensure customer satisfaction through listening and questioning techniques.

Topics covered in this training course

Understanding your sales style
Discover the characteristics of successful salespeople in today's market and opportunities to develop your style.

Selling to different personality types
In sales, one size no longer fits all. Learn how to adapt your approach to engage different people, meet their needs and increase your success.

Understanding buyer psychology
By understanding the emotional and psychological needs of your customers, you can better anticipate their needs and adapt your pitch.

The four positive intentions
Understanding behavioural intentions will guide you on how to identify and meet individual customers' expectations.

Communication preferences
Learn how to sell your product or service in a way that resonates with individual communication and behavioural preferences.
The power of words
Learn how to use words of influence in a sales conversation and ask the prime pitch questions to match your customer's expectations.

FAB statements
Learn techniques to link features, advantages and benefits to increase sales success and create long-term customer relationships.

Critical success factors
Develop critical elements of your sales toolbox including body language, listening skills, effective questioning and your communication style.

Closing the sale
Overcome doubt, address obstacles and close the sale through an understanding of how the brain and emotions affect purchasing decisions.

Repeat and referral business
Learn about key considerations and after-sales procedures that will keep your customers coming back through.

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