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Top 10 Courses

Top 10 courses in 2017

  • 1. Microsoft Excel Intermediate (1 Day)

    Utilise Excel to perform calculations using a variety of common worksheet functions, filter, sort and summarise database lists, format and modify charts, and conditionally format cells. Learn more »

  • 2. Microsoft Excel Advanced (2 Day)

    Learn several advanced features of Excel for What-if analysis, database analysis and how to build calculations using advanced functions as well as how to automate processes Learn more »


  • 3. Microsoft Excel Introduction (1 Day)

    Excel Introduction is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to produce spreadsheets, work with data and perform basic calculations. Learn more »

  • 4. Effective People and Communication Skills (1 Day)

    Effective People and Communication Skills

    Effective communication forms the basis of successful relationships, but it involves more than just speaking or listening well. To communicate effectively, you must adapt in response to particular people and situations, and this requires a willingness to develop your self-awareness and people skills over time. Learn more »

  • 5. Time Management (1 Day)

    Time Management

    Never have enough time in a day? Working to other people’s priorities and not your own? Taking back control and managing your responsibilities requires goal setting, organisation and task prioritisation. This course will provide you with tools to achieve peak performance through self-management and successful breakdown and prioritisation of tasks. Learn more »

  • 6. Microsoft SharePoint Site Owner (2 Day)

    Learn the skills to create a team site using a standard SharePoint template. Learn more »

  • 7. Microsoft Project Introduction (2 Day)

    This two-day course is ideal for project managers, coordinators or team members who need to track projects electronically. Learn more »

  • 8. Dealing with Difficult Customer Behaviours (1 Day)

    Dealing with Difficult Customers

    When faced with difficult customers or complaints, a natural reaction for many people is to respond aggressively. Others are inclined to passively withdraw. This course will provide you with the skills to have the difficult conversations, whilst making it safe for both yourself and your customer to listen to each other and act on the best decision. Learn more »

  • 9. Writing Skills for Business (1 Day)

    Writing Skills for Business

    As with any form of communication, the way you write is influenced by many variables including your unique knowledge, interests, skills, personality and emotions. This practical course will help you plan, organise and structure a range of business communication formats, whilst giving you the opportunity to expand your own personal writing style. Learn more »

  • 10. Project Management Fundamentals (2 Days)

    Project Fundamentals

    Project management is much more than the tasks carried out by a project manager. It is a combination of the roles and responsibilities of individuals assigned to the project to help keep cost, time and risk under control whilst achieving the deliverables. It is, therefore, important that everyone participating understands the fundamentals of project management. Learn more »

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