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Excel tip: An easier way to AutoFill thousands of rows of sequenced data in Excel

Most people have used AutoFill in Excel to copy a formula or create a sequence in adjacent cell.

In case you never knew it has a name or thought it was a screen distortion, that 'blobby' bit in the bottom right hand corner of a cell is the AutoFill handle.

Excel AutoFill Handle

When you hover over AutoFill, the cursor turns into a black plus.

Excel AutoFill Hover

When you click and drag the AutoFill handle, sequences may be created, or data/formulas copied.

Excel AutoFill Click andDrag

However, did you know when you double-click the AutoFill handle, your sequence/formula will fill down as far as the last row of data to the left of the current column (row 13 in the example below)?

Excel AutoFill Double Click

If you have thousands, or tens of thousands of rows, the sequence/formula will be filled to the last row of data.

Excel AutoFill Final Sequence

This Excel tip was provided by one of our expert Microsoft Excel training instructors, Jane Pettigrew.

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