Managing People Performance

80% of a manager’s time is dedicated to improving the performance of a poor performer, with them only accounting for 20% of their team.

This management course has been developed to provide supervisors, managers, and team leaders with practical skills, tools, and knowledge to assist in effectively managing each of your team members throughout the entirety of the year, and how to plan and facilitate the yearly performance conversation.

1 day course
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What you will learn:
  • Explain the impact of successful performance management on you, your team and your organisation.
  • Formulate appropriate objectives and KPIs for you and your team.
  • Describe the purpose of formal and informal performance management.
  • Develop effective performance management strategies for high performers.
  • Determine the most appropriate performance management approach for individual situations.
  • Control emotional responses to performance management discussions effectively.
What you'll get:
Lunch and refreshments
Hard copy workbook
Capped class sizes
This course is ideal for:

Supervisors, managers, and team leaders who require practical tools and techniques to gain the cooperation and support of their staff or teams.

Online Course Prerequisites:

A working computer with a microphone and speaker installed.  No software needs to be installed before the training session however, we require an up-to-date web browser. For the best experience, we recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser.

Topics covered in this training course:

As a manager, it is important that you give people the opportunity to get it right.

Coaching and counselling are both processes for providing objective feedback, but how do you decide which approach to use in different situations?

A targeted coaching approach will often bring about the required change in behaviour or performance.

Feedback can be a gift to help others improve performance, but only if it delivered in the right way.

Just as when you place your hand on a hot stove you instantly know it is hot, the same should happen for an employee that does something appropriate or inappropriate.

The two major problems managers have in dealing with team performance issues.

Performance management is an ongoing management task, not just something that occurs twice a year as part of the yearly review process.

For people to perform, they need to know what is expected of them.

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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 16 reviews
“The session was extremely engaging.”
Adam, Mar 2021
“I enjoyed Brendan’s approach and the fact he encouraged people to speak but didn’t force them or pick people out.”
Ralph, Mar 2021
“Excellent placement of examples, research and videos”
Sean, Mar 2021
“Bridget was fantastic”
Tracy, Mar 2021