VBA for Microsoft Excel

This course is for people who wish to improve their skills by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to increase productivity by automation in Excel. Secure your spot in our VBA for Microsoft Excel course in BrisbaneSydney or Melbourne by booking online today.

2 days course
4.51  (322 reviews)
What you will learn:
  • Record macros using the recorder and create an application using the recorder
  • Create user-defined functions and work with the VBA editor
  • Understand VBA concepts and features, create procedures and sub routines
  • Work with variables and Excel objects
  • Use standard programming techniques and concepts
  • Create and program custom forms
What you'll get:
Capped class sizes
Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended the Microsoft Excel Advanced course or a working knowledge of the topics covered including recording Macros in Excel.

Topics covered in this training course
  • Macro security
  • Macro recorder overview
  • Record a macro
  • Run a recorded macro
  • Relative recording
  • Run a relative recording
  • View the module
  • Modify a recorded macro
  • Assign macros to the toolbar
  • Assign macros to buttons
  • Assign macros to the ribbon
  • Benefits of VBA
  • VBA terminology
  • Excel object model
  • Test in the immediate window
  • Parts of the visual basic editor screen
  • Create a module page
  • Write a procedure
  • Run a procedure
  • The application object
  • The workbooks object
  • Worksheets collection
  • Range object
  • Writing a procedure
  • Compile code
  • Step through code
  • Breakpoints
  • Add comments
  • Indent code
  • Bookmarks
  • Import, export and copy code
  • With structure
  • Print code
  • MsgBox statement
  • Understand variables
  • Variable data types
  • Create and use variables
  • Explicit variable declaration
  • InputBox function
  • Variable scope
  • Constants
  • Passing variables
  • IF statement
  • Error handling
  • Escape an endless loop
  • Select case
  • Looping – do loops and for loops
  • Create a user-defined function
  • Create an add-in to share code
  • Create a custom form
  • Add controls to a form
  • Name form controls
  • Add combo boxes
  • Add option buttons
  • Add command buttons
  • Run a form
  • Setting tab order
  • Where does form code live?
  • Initialise a form
  • Close the form
  • Open the form
  • Process data entered in the form
  • R1C1 notation
  • Validate form controls
  • What is an event procedure
  • Write an event procedure
  • Worksheet events
  • Working with arrays
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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 322 reviews
“I think it was all good.”
R, May 2020
“Good insight to Power BI”
Leigh, May 2020
“Learn't how to do many things I couldn't previously do”
Kevin, May 2020
“Little tricks and ways of using tools that I didn't know before”
Juanita, May 2020