Program evaluation: measuring our success with the Kirkpatrick Mode

It is critical that training delivered is monitored and any issues addressed promptly to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

What Is The Kirkpatrick Model?

The Kirkpatrick Model is a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. It is based on four (4) levels of evaluation:

  1. Reaction – evaluates participants’ reactions to the training program
  2. Learning – assesses whether participants have acquired the knowledge or skills they were supposed to
  3. Behavior – measures whether participants are applying what they learned on the job, and
  4. Results – evaluates the impact of the training on the organisation’s bottom line. The model is widely used in instructional design and is considered a best practice for evaluating training programs.

How Odyssey Training Uses The Kirkpatrick Model

It is critical that training delivered is monitored and any issues addressed promptly to ensure the best learning outcomes are achieved.

Odyssey Trainings evaluation method is conducted in accordance with the Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation (as outlined above):

Level 1: Reaction of student

At the conclusion of each training session each participant will be asked to complete a Training Evaluation Form. This evaluation is designed to gauge how the individual reacted to the training session and whether they feel their personal learning objectives were met.

Level 2: Learning

Learning evaluation is the measurement of the increase in knowledge or intellectual capability from before to after the learning experience. This will be achieved by facilitator observation and provide confidential feedback provided back to you via our Trainer’s Report.

Level 3: Behaviour

Measurement of behaviour change typically requires the cooperation and skill of line-managers. To facilitate this it is recommended that the participants provide their manager with a copy of their Personal Action Plan after completing the program. This Action Plan can then be incorporated into the individual’s development plan to facilitate the behavioural change.

Level 4: Results

Results evaluation is the effect on the business or environment by the trainee. Odyssey can provide this service via an on-line stakeholder survey including absenteeism, staff turn over statistics, how people feel about the program and any improvements they feel have been achieved.

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