Adobe Photoshop Advanced

This course is ideal for people who want to learn advanced Adobe Photoshop CC techniques such as preparing photographic images for the Web, printing & illustration. Secure your spot in our course in Brisbane by booking online today.

1 day course
What you will learn:
  • Use Quick Mask mode, alpha channels and Layer Masks
  • Create Layer Styles and Manipulate Layers
  • Use Layer Blending and Layer Techniques
  • Use Channels to learn advanced Techniques
  • Learn to lighten and darken images
  • Create an Action for Automation in Adobe Photoshop CC
What you'll get:
Post course support
Capped class sizes
Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have completed the Adobe Photoshop Introduction course or be familiar with and have experience with the topics.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Participants are not required to bring their own laptops as our dedicated computer training labs are equipped with the programs and files you will need access to on your training day.

Topics covered in this training course
  • What is a Quick Mask?
  • Using Quick Mask to Graduate an Image
  • Applying Selection Properties
  • Adjusting Colours
  • Adjusting an Image Using Curves
  • The Info Palette
  • Eyedropper Settings
  • Use Threshold to Determine Highlight & Shadow
  • Adjusting Highlights and Shadows
  • Neutralising an Image
  • Using Numbers to Correct Tonal Contrast
  • The Histogram
  • Using the Shadow Highlight Control
  • Enhancing Faces
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Change to Grayscale
  • How to remove red eye
  • Using Layer Styles
  • Creating Gold Looking Text
  • Copying and Pasting a Layer Style
  • Saving a Layer Style
  • Layer Blending Sliders
  • Non-Destructive Burn and Dodge
  • Another Method for a Layer Mask
  • Five Steps with Masking
  • Accentuating an Existing Sky
  • Adding a New Sky
  • Lighten Image
  • Darken Image
  • Over Exposed
  • Creating an Action
  • Batch processing
  • What is it
  • How to use it
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Need your training approved? Get a quote

Need your training approved? Get a quote