Microsoft SharePoint Courses

When you are properly trained in SharePoint from the beginning you will be able to ensure you are making the most of all the features of the program.

You will also avoid running into problems down the track, as more people in your office use the system, more files are added, and more changes are made.

You’ll then avoid the problems which can come from double handling files and from human error and let the power of the program ease your office communications and file sharing.

Plus, when you have SharePoint training, you’ll know how to use all the features, so you’ll be more likely to use them in your day to day tasks. This helps your business snowball in productivity as more tasks are managed through a central system.

Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses for Beginners

Our SharePoint training for beginners’ is designed for those who are already familiar navigating the system and adding and editing documents and lists. In this course you will then build on this to learn how to create a team site as well as add and customise pages. Version control is a valuable feature of SharePoint that is not found on other file sharing platforms. In our beginner course you will learn how to set up and maintain version control.

Our introduction to SharePoint course will also show you how to work with a variety of lists and associated views, customise the site’s navigation and build simple automation using Flow. You’ll also be able to be responsible for controlling access to the site through user permissions.

Advanced Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses

For advanced users operating Microsoft 365, SharePoint training teaches you how to add advanced features to lists and libraries. This will allow you to add conditional formatting, data validation, and ratings. You’ll learn to use managed metadata to organise information across lists and libraries and create standardised lists and libraries from content types. The advanced training in SharePoint will also show you how to manage documents using document sets, and by declaring records and setting retention policies.

In-person training is the most effective and efficient way to become a power user of any software. If you would like to train your whole team, we also offer in-house training. Contact usnow to find out more about in-house training for SharePoint in Brisbane, Melbourne, and online training nationally.

Book Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses

If you would like more information about our Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses or need some guidance on which one is right for you, get in touch. You can contact us via this website or give us a call on 1300 793 951 to speak with our team.