Inner Management

Join our 1 Day Inner Management Course. People with emotional intelligence have a head start in their lives and careers. This course will enhance your understanding of self and how this impacts your business relationships and personal relationships. Learn strategies to fine tune your inner management and strengthen your emotional intelligence.

1 day course
What you will learn:
  • Build your understanding of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your ability to achieve results
  • Identify practical ways to increase your self-awareness
  • Develop a range of strategies to enhance your self-management
  • Understand the link between motivation and success
  • Identify the social competencies of empathy and social skills
What you'll get:
Personal Development Plan
Lunch and refreshments
Capped class sizes
Post Course Support

It is said that “As much as 80% of adult success comes from your emotional intelligence”.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to really understand yourself and with this knowledge, manage your emotions, interactions and motivation to achieve greater success. These skills of inner management are essential building blocks in then maximising relationships with others; reading, empathising with and understanding others to strengthen connections and achieve outcomes together.

This course will help you fine-tune your emotional intelligence skills and enhance your success in both business and personal relationships.

This course is ideal for:

Anyone who is prepared for a challenge and genuinely wishes to improve their personal and professional lives by fine-tuning their emotional intelligence skills.

Course Prerequisites

A working computer with a microphone and speaker installed.  No software needs to be installed before training session however, we require an up-to-date web browser. For the best experience, we recommend downloading the latest Google Chrome browser.


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Topics covered in this training course:

Defining EI and how it is a dynamic process of learning skills to understand yourself and others.

Examine how the core skills of self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation directly impact your outcomes at work.

Identify a variety of strategies to develop your inner management.

Paying attention to what you see and hear and not what you think you see and hear.

Focus on strengthening your adaptability and innovation skills so you can successfully manage changes that come your way.

Learn how you drive your own emotions, reactions and behaviours to understand how to better manage self-control.

Explore strategies for building personal motivation supported with optimism and willpower, to reach your goals.

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