Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

This course is ideal for the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 “power user” who would like to acquire more skills in manipulating data and objects in PowerPoint. Secure your spot in our course in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne by booking online today.

1 day course
4.61  (224 reviews)
What you will learn:
  • Use Slide Masters for universal formatting
  • Insert and modify charts, SmartArt, tables, customised clip art and videos
  • Create motion paths and triggers for advanced animation
  • Import, export and link data to and from other applications
  • Create an interactive presentation using hyperlinks and action buttons
  • Use advanced slide show features to customise how a slide show is viewed
  • Create a show ready for online broadcast
What you'll get:
Capped class sizes
Course prerequisites

Participants will need to have attended or have a good working knowledge of the topics covered in the Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction course.

Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Participants are not required to bring their own laptops as our dedicated computer training labs are equipped with the programs and files you will need access to on your training day.

Looking for Online training?

Discover our Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Online training course. Can’t find what you are looking for?  Enquire for online training today!

Topics covered in this training course
  • View the slide master
  • Modify the slide master
  • Insert dates, times, slide numbering and a logo on all slides
  • Format the object area
  • Modify individual layouts
  • Notes master
  • Handout master
  • Insert a chart
  • Work with the datasheet
  • Change the chart type
  • Size and move a chart
  • Chart styles and layouts
  • Format a chart
  • Edit chart data
  • Choose a SmartArt diagram
  • Add text
  • Add and delete shapes
  • Change SmartArt layout
  • Convert text to SmartArt
  • Create an organisation chart
  • Reset SmartArt
  • Insert a table
  • Modify the table
  • Table styles and borders
  • Draw a table
  • Insert a picture
  • Ungroup a picture
  • Change parts of a picture
  • Remove parts of a picture
  • Add to the picture
  • Group the picture
  • Insert the video
  • Play the video in normal view
  • Video tools
  • Format the video
  • Add a motion path animation
  • Add a trigger
  • Insert slides from other presentations
  • Insert slides from a Word document
  • Link an object in PowerPoint
  • Export data to Microsoft Word
  • Create and remove a hyperlink
  • Create buttons for an interactive presentation
  • Create a custom show
  • Run a custom show
  • Edit a custom show
  • Set up a show
  • Slide show controls
  • Broadcast a slide show
  • Record timings and narration
  • Copy to USB drive
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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 224 reviews
“I think it was all good.”
R, May 2020
“Good insight to Power BI”
Leigh, May 2020
“Learn't how to do many things I couldn't previously do”
Kevin, May 2020
“Little tricks and ways of using tools that I didn't know before”
Juanita, May 2020