Report Writing

Reports are important channels of organisational information and essential business records. Poorly crafted and presented reports can conceal important information, and their purpose can be unclear. The size of a report is no indicator of its worth – a quality report, regardless of its size, contains well-written and presented facts and recommendations. This course will help you ensure your reports are clear, concise and well structured.

1 day course
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What you will learn:
  • Distinguish between different types of business reports
  • Write according to the report’s purpose and target audience
  • Apply a clear and logical structure
  • Meet the objective of each separate section
  • Adapt your writing style to support the report’s purpose
  • Present a professional business document
What you'll get:
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This course is ideal for

This course has been developed for anyone who wants to learn techniques to improve the content, structure and professionalism of their reports to ensure they’re clear and easily understood.

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Topics covered in this training course

Understand key business reporting considerations

Review common types of reports: information reports, analytical reports and proposals

Adopt planning techniques to assist ideation and structure

Focus on the transfer of knowledge and decision outcomes

Understand the audience’s perspective and accommodate for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) learning styles

Identifying, researching and analysing data

Use navigable structures to improve usability

Understand the value of this reporting element

Guidelines for writing title pages, introductions, conclusions and recommendations

Use communication styles and language to promote positive outcomes

Apply professional business standards

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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 331 reviews
“Well run and active group discussions. ”
Khan, Aug 2020
“Excellent course. The trainer customised the explanations as per my needs.”
Kushagra, Aug 2020
“It was good to learn.”
Akiiko, Aug 2020
“The group discussion about influencing writing was interesting.”
Mark, Aug 2020