Leadership Development Programs

Whether you are an emerging leader, supervisor, team leader or manager, our Leadership Development Programs are a great starting point for identifying which leadership skills you need to develop and how they will benefit you most.

Our intensive 4 day leadership development programs are perfect for emerging leaders, supervisors, team leaders or managers to improve their management skills and ability to effectively lead teams.

Our leadership development programs are a great starting point but as each situation is unique, you may get the best value from a Customised Pathway. If you don’t know which leadership development program is best for you, simply contact us to discuss your options.

We’ve incorporated a number of programs and training techniques to cater for all workplaces across Australia. We understand that different professions will benefit from different leadership qualities. Our courses are designed to first identify these qualities, then tailor the training to satisfy the specific requirements.

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Popular questions about our leadership programs

Take control of your career destiny, kick start your personal capability development and embrace the concepts of self-guidance and continuous improvement with our Emerging Leaders Program. Ideal for new managers or future managers.

This program is recommended for supervisors and first level or first time managers who require practical tools and techniques to gain the cooperation and support of staff.

Intensive management short course training. Existing managers who want to become better leaders who motivate and engage others, connecting people with their vision.

No, you can choose how and when you wish to do your courses. However, we do suggest not having a huge delay in between, to ensure information stays fresh and relevant for you to apply in the workplace.

A program consists of a:

  • 2 Day course
  • 1 Day course
  • 1 Day course

All tailored to suit your specific business need.