Communication Skills for Managers

Effective communication is what sets great leaders above the rest. As a manager, you need to adapt your style to get the most out of different people while assertively providing direction through effective feedback.

1 day course
5.00  (4 reviews)
What you will learn:
  • Develop key communication skills and insight into how to inspire others.
  • Improve your understanding of yourself and others by using DISC® Profile to recognise communication styles.
  • Get the best out of your people by adapting your communication and management style to appeal to what motivates them.
  • Understand the important role feedback plays in the workplace.
  • Give positive and constructive feedback to your team members to help them develop their skills and succeed at work.
What you'll get:
Lunch and refreshments
Capped class size
Hard copy workbook

Our communication skills training course will help managers and supervisors to communicate effectively to the diverse range of personalities in the workplace. We use the DISC® Profile to provide training on applying feedback, listening, questioning, and non-verbal communication techniques. It’s an incredibly successful tool for gaining an overall better understanding of your team as a whole and its individual members.

The DISC® Profile provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their communication skills and behaviours with others. It is a personal assessment tool used to improve communication, leadership, work productivity, and team dynamics. Read more and download a sample report.

This course is ideal for:

Managers and leaders that want to improve their communication and feedback skills and gain a deep understanding of how to adapt their behaviours to get the best out of others.

Topics covered in this training course:

DISC® a self-assessment that looks at both your behavioural and communication styles and helps you understand how to adapt to get the best out of others.

Understand why successful communication is central to successful leadership. Expand your skill-set and ensure you’re able to effectively communicate across a number of workplace settings.

Communication gaps occur when the sender’s message is not received the way it was intended. Understanding the barriers that cause these gaps will help you to prevent and overcome them.

Listening is a crucial aspect of communication. It is not only the sender who must overcome communication gaps; the listener must also be aware of how to manage potential obstacles. Learn how to understand and interpret what your employees are communicating to you.

To get accurate and important information from your direct reports and manage performance – whether good or bad – you need to know how and why to use open, closed, and clarifying questions. Our communication skills training includes questioning techniques, and how to utilise the information gained through the answers to these questions.

The content of feedback is not always positive, but its delivery should always be constructive. Constructive feedback is the most useful and beneficial to the receiver because it provides encouragement, support, corrective measures and direction. People can respond very differently to feedback, and it’s important to tailor your delivery so it’s received productively.

Following this model when you provide feedback will help the receiver see what actions they can take to continue or improve their performance, change ineffective behaviour, and overcome obstacles.

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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 4 reviews
“Adam was a great presenter”
Elizabeth, Mar 2021
“Informative, well presented short course”
Michael, Mar 2021
“Pretty good self reflection through the online quiz and analysis.”
Tristan, Mar 2021
“Really enjoyed the class - very well structured and enjoyed a smaller team as you can learn from others and have more open communication.”
Lucia, Mar 2021