All organisations, regardless of what they do, rely on teams to compete in rapidly changing domestic and global markets -

  • project teams,
  • product development teams,
  • now increasingly
    • virtual teams, and
    • autonomous working teams

To meet the evolving demands of the modern workplace, Odyssey Training have created two (2) team building courses:

The reason for this is to provide organisations with the ability of developing world-class teams to perform at high levels and adapt quickly to escalating demands. In today’s professional environments, more than ever, there is great emphasis placed on team leadership skills, team communication skills and team management styles.

A team's effectiveness is enhanced by its commitment to reflect and perform on-going evaluation. In addition to evaluating accomplishments in terms of meeting specific goals, for teams to be high performing it is essential for them to understand their development as a team.

Modern team members need to constantly sharpen their skills, as team initiatives often fail due to improper implementation, conflict and competition. Team leadership skills have never been more essential to maintain development and cohesion in the group.

These team building courses will help provide organisations with the skills to create and maintain successful teams. Wherever you are in Australia call on Odyssey Training on 1300 793 951 to talk about how our team building courses (above) will strengthen your organisation.

In a classroom setting (online or in person) an experienced facilitator will guide your team through activities and discussion designed to nurture a high performing and cohesive team while they evaluate your team’s effectiveness.