Leadership Resources: Behavioural Tools

Our facilitators are certified in a range of behavioural assessments and tools. These profiles indicate how people are likely to approach a problem, interact with others, and respond to the pace of the environment.

The Benefits of Behavioural Tools

Behavioral tools can have a significant impact on personal and professional development. They can help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves, their behavior, and how they interact with others. This self-awareness can lead to improved communication, increased team effectiveness, and better performance.

In terms of communication, behavioral tools can help individuals tailor their communication style to better connect with others. Understanding different personality types can help individuals communicate more effectively, which can lead to improved relationships and more successful interactions.

Disc Profile

The DISC® Profile groups behaviours into four basic types to facilitate a better understanding on an individual’s communication needs. The model is hugely successful, and is the most widely used behavioural model in the world. It is utilised by more than 40 million people across more than 50 countries, including within hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

The Behavioural Tools Used By Odyssey Training

Leadership Potential Indicator

The Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI) tool and in-class debrief included with our Emerging Leaders Course, provides information about a person’s leadership level, skills and style. It is based on a five factor concept model of leadership that covers competencies that frequently appear in company competency frameworks.

360° Feedback Survey

The 360° Feedback Survey included with our Leadership Skills for Managers course provides a rich picture of a person’s style and competencies by showing how they view their competencies and how their bosses and coworkers view them. Choose those that you know will give you realistic, helpful and constructive feedback. The survey is based on a five factor concept model of management and leadership covering competencies that appear frequently in company competency frameworks.

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire - EIQ16

EIQ16 provides an in-depth profile of the individual’s emotional intelligence level, style, and competencies. This questionnaire aimed at leaders provides information about a person’s emotional intelligence and competencies. It is based on a concept model of emotional intelligence similar to the framework developed by Mayer, Salovey and Caruso (2002).

Leadership Resources & Behavioural Tools