Our Capabilities

Assessment Development

Our facilitators are certified in a range of behavioural assessments and tools. These profiles indicate how people are likely to approach a problem, interact with others, and respond to the pace of the environment. The information provided about an individual’s strengths, limitations, communication style and motivators can be highly beneficial for both individuals and their employers.

Knowledge and learning design

Our understanding of the learning process enables our dedicated learning and development team to go beyond reading from a manual and handing out notes. Participant engagement is paramount to the success of our courses and our teams has vast levels of experience in writing and developing training solutions for a variety of different organisations.


At Odyssey Training we provide high calibre specialist trainers and facilitators to our clients for every course we deliver. We place a high importance on selecting a facilitator who has relevant training, industry experience and knowledge including real world experience in the topics to ensure the maximum delivery outcomes are achieved. We firmly believes it is important that the facilitators discuss the needs and outcomes required by clients prior to delivery. This provides the facilitator with an overview of the organisational context, values, culture and workplace development objectives.

Program evaluation embedded learning

We like to continue the conversation with our clients. Feedback is sought from participants throughout and training program with a more detailed evaluation report given to our clients at the completion of the project.