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Microsoft Office 2016 training and new features

Here’s some of the new features in Office 2016 one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers, Michael Cook, believes will make the biggest impact on how you work in Office 2016.


1. Find your way faster with tell me

In Office 2016 apps, you'll notice a text box on the ribbon that says "Tell me what you want to do". This is a text field where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get to features you want to use or actions you want to perform.

Office 2016 app - Tell me what to do

2. Improve team productivity with real-time co-authoring

When you and your colleagues want to collaborate on a document, use real time co-authoring to see everyone’s changes as they happen. First you save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, so others can work in it. Next, you invite people to edit it with you. When they open and work on the document in Word 2016 or Word Online, you'll see each other’s changes as soon as they're made.

 Office Coauthoring 1

Office Coauthoring 2

Office Coauthoring 3

Office Coauthoring 4

3. Research and learn on the fly with smart lookup

Fact-check or explore terms in your documents with Bing-powered Smart Lookup. Simply highlight terms in your document and use this feature to bring in search results from the web right into your reading or authoring environment.

Office Smart Lookup 1 Office Smart Lookup 2

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