Excel tip: Enable the Power add-ins

The Excel 2016 Power add-ins allow extra functionality in Excel. This includes Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, and Power Query (Excel 2013).


In Excel 2016, the Power Query has been renamed Get and Transform and is no longer an add-in – it is a regular part of Excel 2016’s functionality.

User with Excel 2013 will need to download Power Map and Power Query from Microsoft’s website. (Users with 2016 have already got them, but they need to be enabled.)

Once you have downloaded the add-ins, you need to enable them.

To enable an add-in:

  • Go to File tab > Options > Select Add-ins > from the list of add-ins, choose COM Add-ins > click Go.
  • In Excel 2016, you only need to select Power Map, Power Pivot and Power View. Get & Transform is already installed. Click OK.
  • In Excel 2013, you also need to enable Power Query which is the equivalent of Get & Transform. Once you click OK, you have all the Add-ins needed to analyse your data.

You will now have extra tabs on the ribbon to show the enabled Add-Ins.


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