Excel tip: Generate a pivot chart with a slicer
A PivotChart is an interactive chart that provides a graphical analysis of data. Your data comes from existing tables, databases or PivotTable reports. A slicer is a visual filter that allows further insight into a particular field. You can learn more about PivotCharts in our Excel Advanced and Excel Advanced Pivot Tables courses.


To generate a PivotChart with a slicer:

  • Click the Insert ribbon > PivotChart > PivotChart
  • Click Ok in the Create PivotChart window to generate a PivotTable and PivotChart
  • In the Field List – PivotChart Fields select the fields you’re interested in (e.g. Bank and Amount)
  • To add in a Slicer, click on the Analyse ribbon > Insert Slicer > select the field you’re interested in (e.g. Bank) > Ok
  • Inside the generated Slicer, select the field you’re interested in (e.g. National). The PivotTable and PivotChart will now show that information.
  • To add in multiple fields, hold Ctrl and click


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