Why Investing In Future Managers Is Good For Business

General all-round happy employees interact better with each other

From the moment the majority of employees arrive at work, their main focus is making it to the end of the day. This, along with earning their pay, is often the sole reason many employees even go to work. Sadly, both employees and employers suffer when the goals of employees don’t evolve beyond these two factors. But by investing in future managers (instead of just employees), you create an environment where employees actually want to be at work. You also build a strong work culture unafraid of innovation, change, failure and success.

Future Proofing

Work environments rapidly change due to technological, social and environmental change. Subsequently, organisations need to future proof themselves for any changes that may be on the horizon. A key approach to this is for leaders to shift from the role of manager to the role of mentor. This allows for employee autonomy and increases an employee’s ability to respond quickly in an unpredictable business environment.

More Productive Employees

Most employees feel comfortable in their role. While some people thrive on being comfortable, others can become unmotivated in their comfort zone. Training employees to be managers challenges and encourages them to think more outside the box at work. Ultimately, employees that feel challenged in their role are more inspired and engaged. And an inspired employee is twice as productive as one that is merely ‘satisfied’.

Happier Employees

Supporting employees to grow, boosts their happiness and engagement. A happy employee on the front line will build and maintain better relationships with customers. Furthermore, general all-round happy employees interact better with each other. There are other benefits associated with happier employees, from reduced mental stress to increased physical health. Ultimately, ensuring your employees are happy can only have a positive impact.

Employee Retention

Leaders have long surmised that employees move on for better pay. However, recent research in the area has revealed that a lack of career-development is also a major factor. For the most part, only leaders and organisations can rectify this situation. Investing in developing employees as future managers is a great way to boost employee engagement. Which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of staff turnover.

The most transformational thing a company can do for its employees, is to invest in creating work environments that stimulate inspiration. A key way to do this is by investing in future managers among your team.

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