Excel tip: How to create related tables in PowerPivot

PowerPivot is used to for connecting and manipulating data, particularly from external sources. It allows you to connect tables of data that have common fields (just like a relational database) and is just one of the features you will learn about in our Excel Advanced Data Analysis course.

To create related tables in PowerPivot:

  • Create a relationship between each table through the Design tab > Create Relationship or from the Home tab select Diagram View. The tables now display as boxes on the screen, displaying fields.
  • Identify the fields that are common between two tables. e.g. Freight Code.
  • Drag and drop the Freight Code on the Freight Company field in the Orders table. These two fields contain the same data.
  • Repeat this step to connect the other tables to orders, dragging and dropping the common field.
  • Now you can create PivotTables and PivotCharts from the data by selecting Home tab > PivotTable.

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