5 Microsoft Power BI Success Stories

You’ve heard that Power BI is great, but what’s so great about it?

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It provides interactive visualisations and intelligent capabilities with a simple interface. It consumes and displays data as dashboards, which it shares with the people who need them. Power BI helps organisations make informed decisions. Here are 5 success stories to demonstrate the power of Power BI.

1.      Fort Worth Boys & Girls Clubs

When Fort Worth Boys & Girls Clubs in Texas wanted to track the success of its programs and participants, they found their previous  system lacking. Most of their data lay in monthly PDF reports. They needed a more dynamic view to predict how well the kids would do in the future and determine if their programs were working. Enter Doyenne360, who helped the non-profit build a system using Azure Event Hubs. The new system can recognise the PDF files and convert them into CSV on an Excel spreadsheet. Azure Stream Analytics then feeds this data into dynamic dashboards using Power BI. This BI system is invaluable in helping Fort Worth Boys & Girls Clubs continue making a difference in the lives of children.

2.      Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo was in search of a better way to keep track of the behaviour and location of the elephants in their Giants of the Savanna exhibit. Through cameras, observation and RFID they were able to gather a lot of useful information. But they had no effective way to manage it. What’s more is the zoo’s software could only handle 15 days’ worth of data. This made it impossible to gain long-term insights. That was until US Medical IT came into the picture. They found a way for the zoo’s data to be made available to Power BI analysis and reporting services. Now the zoo can collect and analyse data across multiple years and locate elephants within a second.

3.      Meijer

U.S.A. supermarket giant Meijer had become dependent on its IT organisation to glean insight from its data. Staff had to wait for IT to build every report and so could not perform quick analysis’. Meijer needed to find a way to empower their business customers with relevant and timely reporting. With the help of Microsoft BI solutions provider, obviEnce, Meijer was able to develop a system to provide fresh data in near-real time. With the new system teams can now pull in the data they need—when they need it.

4.      Real Madrid

The football club, Real Madrid, has over 450 million global supporters globally. That means that most of the club’s fans live outside of Spain. Therefore, they needed a technological solution that would support digital services and allow them to collect and analyse data on all of their fans. They wanted to connect with all supporters to understand and learn from them and give back to their fans. Working with Microsoft Services, Real Madrid built a solution that included a fan engagement platform, an extended video platform and a consumer app. All of which allow them to connect with their local and global fans.

5.      ABB Italy

ABB Italy was in need of an innovative system that would provide greater market analyses and visual reporting for it’s manufacturing branch. Initially, it built its own solution, but their system meant reports were generated through a third party IT supplier. Reports were taking up to four weeks to come through, which was frustrating and inefficient. As a result, ABB Italy adopted a Power BI system that is able to generate customised reports in just a few hours. This reduces reliance on external suppliers and allows stakeholders to develop more insightful reporting.


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