10 Pieces of Career Advice you Should Ignore

When it comes to career advice, there’s no shortage of “experts” ready to offer their services.

Everyone will have their own take on the dos and don’ts of what it takes to have a successful career. But while people may have your best interests at heart, beware of the following pieces of career advice.

1. ‘Apply for all jobs.’

Submitting for every job without researching won’t lead to many nibbles. Sending generic, unsolicited emails isn’t effective either. Do your research on a company and read the job description. Then only apply for jobs and with companies that resonate with you.

2. ‘They expect you to lie on your resume.’

Employers know some applicants exaggerate their experience. But lying when applying for a job is risky. To begin with, you’ll end up falling flat on your face when it’s time to prove yourself. Moreover, the risk your employer will find out the truth is almost inevitable these days.

3. ‘Make your resume detailed.’

The world today is focused on speed and the fast delivery of relevant information. A resume is a marketing document used to sell yourself to an employer. Not the complete story of your life. Keep it brief and to the point.

4. ‘Don’t practice for the interview.’

Winging a job interview is not a good strategy. Practising job interviews helps you get used to talking about yourself and why people should hire you. It can also help you rid yourself of some pre-interview nerves.

5. ‘Give quick responses during an interview.’

When a potential employer asks why you’re looking for a new job, “because I hate my boss” won’t leave a good impression. Rambling won’t provide the interviewer with the greatest impression either. A few moments of thoughtful reflection is much better than putting your foot in your mouth.

6. ‘Take the first job offered.’

Unless you’re destitute and need an income yesterday, don’t settle for the first job you’re offered. In all likelihood, it won’t be long until you’re ready to switch jobs again. If you can, wait for a job you truly want.

7. ‘Don’t be friends with co-workers.’

Overall, developing friendships in the office is a healthy thing that can benefit both you and your employer. If you become friends with someone at work though, remember to keep things professional at all times.

8. ‘Taking credit for the work of others is teamwork.’

The problem is the people you’re stealing from will end up resenting you and refusing to work with you. Swiping other people’s ideas can also damage your professional reputation and make you look lazy and uninspired.

9. ‘Stay in a job for security and ease.’

Don’t stay in a job because it offers long-term security and you know it inside and out. This lack of ambition might see you passed over for promotions and career opportunities down the track. Unless you invest in your career and attempt to keep moving forwards, you can easily get stuck in a rut.

10. ‘Stick it out, even if you hate it.’

Many people delude themselves that they can ride it out in a bad job. Then they start waking up with raging headaches or they get into a screaming fight with their boss. Is job hunting annoying? Yes. But it’s better than spending the rest of your life doing something you don’t like.


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