Interactive Online Business Skills Training

When you enrol for one of the online business skills courses from Odyssey Training, you gain access to a world class training. All our online business skills training courses come packaged with everything you need to learn quickly and efficiently, this means they include

  • some practice files,
  • the information brochures,
  • your courseware and
  • any handouts required.

Once you have completed a course, we will give you a copy of the live recorded session and your eCertificate, allowing you to show off your new qualification.

What Exactly Are Business Skills?

At Odyssey Training we have created a set online business skills courses to help you develop some key soft skills. There are writing courses that teach you how to write effective emails, take meeting minutes and writing skills for business. We also have two management courses - one teaches project management fundamentals and the other is time management. To accommodate the way the workplace has evolved, we have developed a virtual presentation skill course.

Book Your Online Business Skills Training Course

Book one of our online business skills training courses online today to start learning. Wherever you are in Australia, call Odyssey Training on 1300 793 951 to talk about how our business courses will strengthen your skill sets and employability in today's competitive job market.