What to do when people don’t support your next career move

Career change is scary. And you want those around you to support you. The reality is though, you’re most likely to face some resistance. So, what should you do when people don’t support your next career move?

Consider their intentions.

People who don’t support you are not necessarily bad people who want to destroy your dreams. Sometimes they just don’t understand, but are completely prepared to come on board once they do understand. Nonetheless, they can come across as dissenting, though that may not be their intention. It could also be plain ignorance or even jealousy. They may discourage you because of their own fears and insecurities. The point is, don’t take their words to heart because it’s about them—not you.

Understand their concerns.

You’ll also face a lot of resistance from those who genuinely believe they have your best interests at heart. They are right to have their concerns. Most new businesses do fail and it does take a while to move up the ranks when you start anew. To get them onside, you’ll need to assure them you have considered the concerns they have. You may even let them know if you have a safety net. Either way, they need to trust your decision.

It’s your passion, your priority.

A lot of people go through the motions in life, not doing what they love. They end up looking back at their lives and questioning their decision not to try. Whether or not people support you, you don’t want to look back with regret one day. This passion of yours is one of the most important things in your life. Follow your heart, and not the words of others just to live up to their expectations.

Do it anyway.

It’s natural to want support and encouragement from the people around you. But you can do what you want to do without them. Many successful and inspiring people changed careers mid stream, despite the resistance around them. (Vera Wang was a figure skater and journalist before she was a fashion designer.) We’re sure that if they had a message for you, it would say—you’re a powerful being, just by yourself. Know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. Trust in that, don’t give up, and you’ll go a long way.


The people who don’t support you might have valid intentions and genuine concerns, but no one can predict the future. If you don’t follow your dream though, you’re more than likely to look back with regret. So, don’t let the doubts of others become your truth and hold you back.