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Microsoft Word tip: The difference between pressing Enter and Shift-Enter

Most people know that when you press the Enter key on the keyboard when using Microsoft Word, a new line is inserted into the document. What many people don’t realise is the difference between pressing Enter and

When you press Enter what you are actually telling Microsoft Word to do is create a new paragraph. The default behaviour is to then put a gap between the two lines.

Pressing Shift-Enter tells word to go down a line, but this doesn’t create the gap between two lines like Enter does because Shift-Enter doesn’t indicate a new paragraph.

Compare the following two addresses:

The difference between enter and shift-enter

The first uses Enter at the end of each line; the second uses Shift-Enter at the end of each line. By using Shift-Enter, you remove the gap between each line.

This is also very useful when creating a bulleted or numbered list. Pressing Shift-Enter allows you to go to the next line without creating a new bullet or number.

This quick tip was provided by our friendly, expert Microsoft Word trainers.

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